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Franc Glamour

Monday, September 27, 2010 ♥
Nails in RED. ♥ 7:43 AM

She would like to have polish on her nails after the extensions as she likes to change and play around with polishes all the time, so I did this, just a simple two tone glitter extensions.
And she wants it to be red!


Friday, September 24, 2010 ♥
Pink round nails. ♥ 2:22 AM

A quick post before I head out! =)

Did this set of acrylic extension, round extensions nails end up looking quite sweet! Hehe.

She requested for something pink and sweet looking nails.
So I did this, pink glitter base with inlay disco balls, and crystals along french line on all ten nails.
So gorgeous and bling! =)

I love the new disco balls I bought, it'll reflect and shine when your fingers moving. ^^

Friday, September 17, 2010 ♥
3D melody ♥ 4:37 AM

Bought more crystals and nails decos that day but I never have the chance to really arrange my things and tidy them up until today. Hehe. 
Finally I have done arranging and classifying everything in the right order, feeling great! =)

Part of the crystals I have... I have more in fact! In all different kind of size. Haha. Feeling satisfied. I love blingsssssss~~ ^^


This is my new favorite! 
Eye catching, I likey! Haha.
I always like to have loud nails if I could.  =D


Anyway. I have been trying to do more after the previous kitty that I have done.
Here comes the melody. =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010 ♥
Nails for someone special... ♥ 10:33 AM

This is a set of nails I did for someone special... My mum. =)
She has not been to any nails salon before to do her nails, just occasionally she would buy some nail polishes and start painting on her own. 
And her first time was done by me, her daughter. =)

The usual (before) and (after) pics.


Love her new thumb nails after the 'transformation'!


She doesn't want her nails to be too long so I made it short for her. 
Did this silver blings for her and with 3D white roses and crystals. 
She saw in those nails mags that I brought back and she told me that she wants 'bling bling' nails too, haha so cute. =)

Finished with a layer of gel top coat to make it looks more glossy.
See the reflection? hehe. 

And it was done using the new glitters acrylic powder that I bought.
Looks more shiny in real!

Thanks to my baby camera for all the close up pics. I love it! ^^

Shall update soon! =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010 ♥
Sparkling stars ♥ 2:59 AM

Finally I'm able to fork out some time to update my blog! =)


Silver base with black stars, silver chains, and swarovskis crystals.
I think this suits her well as her usual everyday outfit is more on blacks. =)


Its acrylic sculpture, with a layer of gel top coat for extra shine!
It was done using glitters acrylic powders straight away, not polished on it.
And that is the reason why it sparkle. =)

Close up for the thumbs.
Love the crystals star!


Close up close up.
Woot I bought a new cam and I'm loving it! Now I can take more close up pics for you people. Hehe. =)

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