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Franc Glamour

Saturday, July 24, 2010 ♥
Sexy purple. ♥ 8:39 AM

Its glitters extension again, and this time round, sexy purple! ^^
Did it longer than the usual extension nails that I usually do, not all people can take long nails like this! haha glad that she gave it a try. :)

Thanks for looking cheers!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 ♥
Pink sweet leopard. ♥ 9:16 AM

Its leopard print again!
Just like the leopard print that I previously done, but this time round, its in PINK~
Yuppie. Its pink and its more feminine. =)
(You may see a little but purple-ish here but its actually pink, stupid cam I'm sorry!)


Can you see how much different it can be with long nice nails?
Nowadays having a nice make up, nice outfit and nice hair cut is definitely not enough!
Nice nails is important too as it is also part of our self grooming essential point. =)
( This colour is closer to the real colour. ^^ )


Friday, July 16, 2010 ♥
Don't you love blings? =) ♥ 6:33 AM

Haha. New pics again in a row! =)

Before she came, we were texting and I asked her, 'what kind of designs do you have in mind that you plan to do?'
She replied, 'Umm just super bling!'
Haha cute and I like!
Bling stuff is just so my favorite! ^^

Able to convince her to try the white gold glitters that I have.
I like that so much personally coz its really super duper bling! XD

Added a lot of big crystals too!

I wish I have nails like that. My nails now sucks. Haha. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010 ♥
Leopard love. ♥ 1:01 PM

Finally new pics again after so long. =)
I keep forgetting snap customer's nails before they leave! =(
That's why I got no pic to post but this time round finally! Hehe.

She requested leopard print. =)
I love the blings on her thumb!
Sometimes being exaggerate is good. 
Ultimate love. ^^

Friday, July 9, 2010 ♥
My favorite set! ♥ 9:44 AM

This is another set of my favorite!
This set is definitely my current top love glitters that I would recommend for everyone who loves shiny nails!

So sad that my cam wasn't able to capture the real shines of the nails, but believe me! Its really really really shiny in real!
We added some crystals on top and it really looks like tai tai's hand in real. haha.

We add something special on top and that makes this sparkle.
Guess what, its 18k white gold plated flakes!
Love it!

More BLINGS! ♥ 9:23 AM


Wee~ New pics! Finally. ^^
Sorry for updating slow, been busy. =)

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