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Franc Glamour

Friday, December 3, 2010 ♥
Black french with crystals and 3ds! With important notice. ♥ 6:10 AM

Haven't been blogging for the longest time! I'm sorry!
It was due to my laptop was spoilt and most of my datas gone.
Keypad is not working very well too and I'm basically blogging using my phone now. 

Anyway back to nails pics.
It was a set of acrylic black french extension nails.
With crystals along the French line and 3d ribbons on alternate fingers!

French is always classic but never failed to impress. No matter white, or colour French. :)

That's all and thanks!
I hope to update soon! :)
December is a month of joy! 

Thanks! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 ♥
Diamonds on your nails. ♥ 8:56 AM

Its a set of glitters acrylic extensions with a lot a lot of Swarovskis.
These pics definitely can't tell how it blings in real.
It looks gorgeous. Just like a numerous of 'diamonds' on your nails!


Close up.
Look at the 'diamonds', big and small spread evenly on all nails!

It captured everyone's attention and praises right after I finished her nails.
Its just too eye catchy and gorgeous! =)


And she actually counted the total number of crystals on her nails, guess what?
99 in total!
Omg I didn't even noticed that when I was doing it. Haha.

I was pretty sad as I couldnt really capture the shininess of this set of nails!
Didn't have my 'spotlight' with me and my camera running out of batt after the first few shots. =(

Till my next update!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 ♥
'Juicy Couture nails.' ♥ 2:39 AM

Nice? =) 

Its a set of full acrylic sculpture extensions nails, and she doesnt want it to be too long. =)
Using pink glitters as the extensions base, together with black stripes and pokka dots makes it look sweet but yet not too 'overly' sweet. hehe. =P

Oh and if you notice, I use multicolour AB swarovskis this time round instead of crytals clear, which reflects rainbow colour! 


Added two 3D embossed ribbons too. =) 

The colours makes me think of Juicy Couture. Haha.

I love it!

Design inspired from NailMax, modified a little. =)

Monday, October 4, 2010 ♥
Melody cuteness! ♥ 9:04 AM

Finally the long waited melody nails is up! =)

This is a set of pink glitters acrylic sculpture extensions with handmade embossed melody and lace!
Though its a bit effort-consuming to finish this set but I think its worth it when it turns out so cute! Hehe. ^^

And with all the crystals along the lace, ahh perfect!

Close up for the two thumbs!
Look at the chubby melody, hehe, nice? =)

I love this set to the max!

Friday, October 1, 2010 ♥
Random ♥ 9:52 AM

Short updates...

Inlay hearts.
So sweet omg I want it on my all nails! :)

Thanks and goodbye~

Monday, September 27, 2010 ♥
Nails in RED. ♥ 7:43 AM

She would like to have polish on her nails after the extensions as she likes to change and play around with polishes all the time, so I did this, just a simple two tone glitter extensions.
And she wants it to be red!


Friday, September 24, 2010 ♥
Pink round nails. ♥ 2:22 AM

A quick post before I head out! =)

Did this set of acrylic extension, round extensions nails end up looking quite sweet! Hehe.

She requested for something pink and sweet looking nails.
So I did this, pink glitter base with inlay disco balls, and crystals along french line on all ten nails.
So gorgeous and bling! =)

I love the new disco balls I bought, it'll reflect and shine when your fingers moving. ^^

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